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OSD-ID+ w/Enc.

OSD-ID+ Video Text Inserter OSD-ID+ with Enclosureis a single channel, standalone static character and graphic composite video overlay device.  This user programmable device can display up to 30 columns by 12 rows (NTSC) or 15 rows (PAL) of text and imported graphics such as logos directly onto an incoming composite video source.  If no video input source is available then OSD-ID+™ overlays text and graphics onto a self-generated background screen.

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Customer applications


CBS Sports Camera ID System
CBS Sports Camera ID System

By Arnold Mintz (National Mobile TV)

National Mobile TV, contractor for CBS Sports, uses the OSD-KB on-screen display board to annotate camera information during professional golf events so the director and producer can easily determine camera location and what they are looking at in real-time.
GliderCam Overlay
GliderCam Overlay

By John Wiseman

John Wiseman (KE3QC) uses an OSD-IDPC on-screen display board to identify his amateur television transmission from his glider.
Race Car Camera System with Realtime Telemetry
Race Car Camera System with Realtime Telemetry

By VR World

VR World produces a racecar telemetry system including the OSD-232 on-screen display board. Pit crews receive G's, HP, RPM, and torque graphs in real-time.

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